An Eco-Friendly Metaverse by Ethanim RSM

3 min readApr 2, 2022

Ethanim is promising prospective investors and its growing community a unique path forward; as the world gets ready to usher in the switch over into the 4th Industrial Revolution, and what this might mean for an array of different users, the general public at large.

Human science and technology are always evolving, and even the speed of technological progress always surprises us. The future fascinates us and attracts us to explore relentlessly.

We may not know exactly what it will be like, but we know what is the necessary path to reach the expected future and start to implement it from now on.

This is for those particularly interested in pioneering technologically via a new blockchain platform; that supports the full decentralization and high performance of large-scale applications.

With a Proof-of-Trust (POT) Algorithm leading, the Proof-of-Work (POW) resource-heavy mining associated with Bitcoins is dynamically challenged.

This plays a progressive role in helping to fight climate change and reducing Carbon Emissions as encouraged by the ‘Crypto Climate Accord’ a private sector initiative striving to decarbonize the Global Crypto Industry by achieving Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2040.

By reviewing on the development of the Internet from PC local area network to mobile Internet, the sense of immersion of the Internet has gradually improved, people’s participation is in the gradual increase, the transmission speed of information is faster and faster, and the virtual world gets closer to the reality. Under this trend, the metaverse abysmally close to the real world is recognized as the “ultimate form” of the Internet.

Different from the physical real world, the metaverse is composed of countless virtual worlds to expand without boundaries. Users can enter any completely different virtual world anytime and anywhere to work, live, socialize, earn income, etc. In the metaverse, you can experience a different life beyond the entertainment in games. The metaverse will significantly boost the richness and value of digital assets, which will create an economic system, and the scale of wealth will far exceed the physical world.

With the continuous breakthroughs in the underlying technologies such as blockchain, 5G/6G, VR/AR, and edge computing, people get closer to their expected metaverse. The original intention of Ethanim is to flexibly integrate and be compatible with various frontier techniques, which can provide an integrated solution for metaverse applications and become the infrastructure of the metaverse.

As mentioned before, technological innovations move too fast to predict the future. The attitude of research and development for science should keep a foresighted enough vision to implement according to the realistic situations and plan for the future. Based on the philosophy, we encourage the community to promote the Ethanim ecosystem together.

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Ethanim is the infrastructure for commercializing #AR for the #Metaverse. Build #AIMetaverse through #AIGM ecological products and #NFT.