🎁Bastet NFT Giveaway — Bastet NFT Kits Lottery (Phase Ⅴ)

The second stage of the Bastet NFT Giveaway is in full swing! To reward the users with more Bastet NFT kits, Ethanim Network will launch a series of events where the users will complete a list of tasks for a chance to win the lottery and win some Bastet NFT kits!

The winners of the fourth phase of the lottery have announced (check here), and here comes the fifth phase!

Campaign details

Starting Time: September 13 8:00(UTC) — September 20 8:00 (UTC)

Winners Announcement: September 20

Reward: Number of lucky draws

Method of Participating:Complete the given tasks to win a chance to get rewards

🔥Check out the competition👇



1. The rewards from the lottery draws will be directly airdropped to the user’s BSC wallet address. To check the rewards in your profile go to https://bastet.ethanim.network/and log in with your wallet address through Metamask. The USDT will be directly airdropped to the user’s BSC wallet.

2. The number of lucky draws obtained by users will be issued every day until the end of the second stage of Bastet NFT.

3. We kindly note that please submit the wallet address correctly. If the reward can not be issued due to the wrong address submission, the rewards are considered invalid.



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