🎁Bastet NFT Giveaway — — “Learn” to Get Core Kits

The second stage of Bastet NFT Giveaway is underway, users who want to mint the complete Bastet NFT must have the Core Kit. The only way to get the Core Kit is through Learn and answer the corresponding questions. The specific way to get Core Kit is as follows:

Starting Time: August 18 6:00(UTC)

Reward: Core Kit

Way to participate:

  1. Go to the Bastet website (https://bastet.ethanim.network/learn) and connect to any BSC wallet;


  1. You need at least 6 different types of Kit to mint a complete Bastet NFT. If you want to get more kits, you can join the Bastet NFT campaign held by Ethanim Network and win Kits through lottery;



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