🎁Bastet NFT Giveaway — — Snapshot Token Position, Play Lottery to get Kits

The second stage of Bastet NFT Giveaway is happening over our community, in addition to these ongoing campaigns, Ethanim Network will give benefits to users from other communities. A snapshot of the wallet which connect to the official website (https://bastet.ethanim.network/) will be taken, and wallets with specified Token(TRIAS, GMT, GALA, ALPACA, MBOX) will receive a chance to get Bastet NFT Kits, as follows:

Compaign details

Starting Time: August 22 6:00(UTC)

Reward: Number of Lucky draw

Campaign Rules:

1.Ethanim Network will only take a snapshot of the wallet address that have been linked to the official website (https://bastet.ethanim.network/).

2.Ethanim Network will only take a daily snapshot of the position of the specified Token (TRIAS,GMT,GALA,ALPACA,MBOX).

3.The asset value is accounted by the asset of the Token at the time of the snapshot, and every 50$will be rewarded with an extra draw.

4.The prize will be awared on the following day and it will be distributed to the users automatically.

5.This activity will last until the end of this series of campaign.



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