“Bastet Solidarity” Campaign Winners List Announcement!

Ethanim Bastet

On December 16th we announced a campaign where all the early adopters of Bastet can participate to win tEPU drops by posting their Bastet along with their stories.

And as always, the community did not disappoint!

The following are the campaign's winners:

To close out the year 2022, we want to look back at what Ethanim was set out to do and how it impacted self expression in our community. Here are a few selected stories from the users who submitted their Bastets:

We start off with a great example from @AscTrias on Twitter, who showed off their Bastet who dresses like royalty and rules like a king! Combining all the kits to bring together aristocracy with a modern vibe definitely makes this Bastet a unique one.

Speaking of nobility we have another user who modeled his Bastet after his super cute demanding (rightfully so apparently) cat and himself! Its always cool to see users choosing to create Bastets based on the ones that matters the most. It puts a smile on our faces. Thanks to all the ones who referenced their pets!

On the other end of the spectrum, we have @RevM2021’s hipster Bastet! Oozing with drip it is composed of all high rarity kits and is probably the first to do so! It took a lot of patience and vision, and it absolutely paid off in the end!

These are just some of the Bastets that we received as submissions. In the future, we are looking forward to seeing more and featuring them here! So always feel free to give us a shout out at our twitter to show us your latest mint!

Thanks for helping us end the year on a sweet note through your support!

Stay tuned for more updates on our socials listed below!

More about Ethanim:



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