🚀Bastet Soul Value Introduction 🚀#AMA Core Content

3 min readMay 16


Q1: What is Bastet Soul?

A1: Bastet Soul is an important element of the Ethanim AI Metaverse Ecosystem, which is based on the Flock privacy calculation method, an independent personality portrait is formed for users through language information. Only users who hold Bastet Soul will have the ownership of their own character portraits, and synthesize MetaMate Agent with Bastet, thereby creating Open Metaverse and earning benefits.

Q2: What are the benefits and values of Bastet Soul?

A2: There are currently three Bastet Soul benefits:

1. Bastet Soul NFT can be synthesized with Bastet NFT as MetaMate agent.

2. Participate in exclusive USDT giveaways.

3. Get EPU tokens via airdrop.

Later, with the development of Ethanim AI Metaverse Ecosystem, Bastet Soul NFT holders will get more rights and benefits.

Q3: Just now you said that Bastet Soul NFT and Bastet NFT can synthesize MetaMate Agent.What is MetaMate Agent?

A3: MetaMata Agent is an AI autonomous doppelganger with Bastet body and Soul autonomous personality portrait factors.When Bastet and Bastet Soul are being synthesized, they can autonomously define MetaMate’s gender, occupation, age, etc.Later, through continuous language training, MetaMate can be formed with commercial capability exclusively.MetaMate is the identity proof for the future commercialization of the metaverse, and will also promote the intelligent creation of the metaverse.

Q4: How can I get Bastet Soul NFT?

A4: Now there are two ways to get Bastet Soul NFT: 1. participate in Ethanim’s Bastet Soul Whitelist event, Winners can get Bastet Soul NFT through the official website. 2. buy loot Box can get Bastet NFT, Ethanim will give all Ethanim will give all Bastet NFT holders a free Bastet Soul, users can log on to the official website to get it, the specific gift time, please pay attention to the official announcement.

Get Bastet Soul NFT page https://bastet.ethanim.network/

Q5: Does Bastet Soul NFT have rarity?

A5: NO

Q6: What is the total amount of Bastet Soul NFT?

A6: The first batch of Bastet Soul will be given away in quantities of 10,000.The number will be adjusted according to the development needs of Ethanim AI Metaverse Ecology.

Q7: Can a user mint multiple Bastet Soul NFTs with one wallet address?

A7: Yes, it is possible to mint multiple Bastet Soul NFTs with one wallet address.In addition, all users who have purchased a loot box and hold Bastet NFT can receive 1 Bastet Soul Specific time to claim Bastet Soul, please pay attention to Ethanim official announcement

Q8: What is the relationship between MetaChat and Bastet Soul?Can you tell us about MetaChat?

A8: OK,MetaChat is a chatbot developed based on the OpenAI ChatGPT-4 language model and flock privacy computing.MetaChat is free for all Bastet NFT holders.Bastet and Bastet Soul can synthesize MetaMate, which can become exclusive MetaMata through MetaChat’s data training,and then realize the intelligent generation of MetaUniverse.

MetaChat version 1.0 is now online, users can go to the website to experience https://bastet.ethanim.network/




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