📣 $BEPU Distribution Announcement #2

2 min readFeb 18, 2024

1. As of now, there are still more than 10 users who haven’t submitted their Bitcoin wallet addresses on the Ethanim official website. After the users submit their Bitcoin wallet addresses, $BEPU will be airdropped immediately. Currently, users who have submitted their Bitcoin wallet addresses can continue to claim $BEPU on the Deindex platform. The claim website:https://www.deindex.space/ft/2

2. For users who have claimed $BEPU from the Deindex platform, Deindex will randomly select 10~20 users from the users who have claimed $BEPU from the Deindex platform and award them with OG Pass Card worth 150 USDT.

3. Users who haven’t submitted Bitcoin wallet address, please submit Bitcoin wallet address as soon as possible.

4. After the $BEPU airdrop ends, Ethanim will distribute $BEPU to Bastet holders, and those who purchase the Bastet Loot Box will get $BEPU benefits.

5.Ethanim is currently communicating with some exchanges about listing $BEPU. Once cooperation is reached, a currency listing announcement will be issued immediately.

6. Users who want to buy $BEPU now can go to OK Web3 Wallet Inscription Market to buy $BEPU.

7. The Bitcoin wallet Address Type submitted by the user must be [Taproot (P2TR), the first 4 digits are ‘bc1p’], not [Native Segwit (P2WPKH), the first 4 digits are ‘bc1q’],submit the “bc1q” Address Type Users, please resubmit your Bitcoin wallet address.




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