📣$BEPU Distribution Announcement

2 min readFeb 7, 2024

1. Considering the needs of community users, Ethanim has decided to extend the time to claim $BEPU on the Deindex platform to February 19th. The claim website:


2. After February 19, Ethanim will airdrop $BEPU to the Bitcoin wallet addresses of users who have not received $BEPU;

3. Deindex platform currently supports UniSat wallet and OK Web3 wallet, Non-UniSat Wallet Users Claim $BEPU Tutorial


4. Users need to pay gas fee to claim $BEPU on the Deindex platform, and Ethanim will issue a unified gas fee of 8 USDT before February 21;

5. Claim $BEPU on the Deindex platform, select 1 whitelist for every 10 users, and get the OG Pass card for free;

6. As of now, there are still 30 users who have not submitted their Bitcoin wallet addresses. Please submit your Bitcoin wallet addresses as soon as possible.

7. The #Bitcoin wallet Address Type submitted by the user must be [Taproot (P2TR), the first 4 digits are ‘bc1p’], not [Native Segwit (P2WPKH), the first 4 digits are ‘bc1q’], submit the “bc1q” Address Type Users, please resubmit your Bitcoin wallet address.




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