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1. What is $BEPU?

$BEPU (Ordinals) is a standard token issued on Bitcoin based on the BRC-20 protocol. It is the first inscription token launched by the Trias ecosystem project and is the only credential for access to the Ethanim Land meta-universe virtual space, which will serve as a relay between the Trias ecosystem and the BTC ecosystem.

2. Why is the $BEPU inscription token launched?

(1) Bitcoin inscription ecosystem is developing rapidly, and many inscription tokens have risen nearly 1,000x, in order to let Trias ecosystem community users enjoy the benefits of the rapid development of the Bitcoin inscription ecosystem, so we launched the $BEPU inscription tokens;

(2) $BEPU inscriptions can be combined with the Ethanim AI meta-universe, which will give the Ethanim Land meta-universe virtual space a greater potential for development.

3. What is the value of $BEPU?

(1) Access to Ethanim Land Metaverse virtual space.

(2) Participate in Ethanim Land Metaverse development, socialization and business applications, etc.

(3) Enjoy the capital gain from the increase of $BEPU.

(4) To allow global WEB3 users to quickly and easily participate in the development of the bitcoin inscription ecosystem.

4. Is $BEPU related to $EPU and tEPU?


5.How to get $BEPU?

(1) Use $TRIAS or $BTCB (Bitcoin BEP2) to participate in the early exchange of $BEPU;

(2) Buy $BEPU on the trading platform after it is launched.

6. How can I participate in $BEPU exchange?

Become a whitelisted user to participate in $BEPU exchange.

7. How to become a whitelist user for $BEPU exchange?

(1) Holders of $TRIAS, $GEON, Bastet NFT and Bastet Soul NFT.

(2) Users who purchased Ethanim loot Box.

(3) Users participating in other BEPU exchange whitelist campaigns

8. What is the process of $BEPU exchange?

(1) Transfer $TRIAS or $BTCB (Bitcoin BEP2) to MetaMask Wallet.

(2) Open the webpage https://bastet.ethanim.network/bepu and login with MetaMask Wallet.

(3) Participate in $BEPU exchange and sign in MetaMask Wallet to confirm it

(4) After the $BEPU exchange is completed, Ethanim will distribute the $BEPU to the users.

9. What is the ratio of $BEPU exchange?

1 inscription = 10 $TRIAS/0.002157 BTCB =105,000 $BEPU

10.What is the total supply and exchange quota of $BEPU?

Total Supply: 2,100,000,000 $BEPU

Volume of Exchange: 2,000 inscriptions = 210,000,000 $BEPU (105,000 $BEPU per inscription)

Exchange Currency: $TRIAS or $BTCB (Bitcoin BEP2)

11. When does the $BEPU exchange begin?

December 29th

12.When will the $BEPU be distributed after the $BEPU exchange is completed and how will users get the $BEPU?

The $BEPU will be distributed in 3–5 business days after the end of $BEPU exchange.

Users need to submit their Bitcoin wallet address in the personal center of Ethanim website, and we will distribute $BEPU to the Bitcoin wallet address according to the exchange ratio.

13.How to trade $BEPU after distribution?

Trading market: Unisat wallet market, OK Web3 wallet Ordinals market or other exchanges where $BEPU is available.

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