🔥BEPU New Model of Sharing Economy

2 min readJan 10, 2024

New model of sharing economy

In order to build $BEPU into a star inscription and allow all $BEPU holders to obtain higher returns, Ethanim officially launched the first new Web3 sharing economy model in the entire network. Every time $BEPU is listed on an exchange (not limited to @okx, @BitMartExchange, @gate_io, @MEXC_Official, @bitgetglobal, and @binance), tens of millions of $BEPU will be airdropped to community contributors as rewards. Anyone can become a community contributor and receive $BEPU airdrop rewards by promoting $BEPU.

Ethanim’s new sharing economic model aims to build a strong $BEPU consensus community, allowing more Web3 users to become $BEPU users and share the benefits of the development of Bitcoin Inscription.

Participation Methods And Rewards

(1)Twitter account not verified

(2)Twitter account verified

Copy the specified tweet and post it (not retweet/reposted), either way:

【specified tweet 1】

🔥 #BEPU New Model Of Sharing Economy

💰Tens of millions of #BEPU will be airdropped to #BEPU promoters

🚀 Copy this tweet (not retweet) and post it Tag 3 friends and get #BEPU rewards

✅Campaign details👇


#BEPU #Ethanim

【specified Post 2】

🔥 #BEPU New Model Of Sharing Economy

💰 Copy the specified tweet content (not retweet) and post it or write $BEPU original tweet and post it Tag 3 friends and get #BEPU rewards

🚀Come and join👇


#BEPU #Ethanim

Sharing Economy Model Rules

1. Copy the specified tweet content (not retweet) Tag 3 friends or write $BEPU original tweet Tag 3 friends and post it to twitter

2. Submit the published $BEPU tweet link and wallet address to google form: https://forms.gle/sjjepgNTLcEpxa5n8

3. Follow Twitter https://twitter.com/Ethanim_Network

Join Telegram group https://t.me/Ethanim_Network

Join Discord https://discord.gg/Uzkat3zarz

Tip: Ethanim will release $BEPU airdrop whitelist campaigns on multiple Web3 campaign platforms, the winners can get $BEPU airdrops

Reward Description

1. All airdropped $BEPU will be viewed in the personal center of Ethanim’s official website, and users can log in with MetaMask to view;

2.$BEPU will be distributed uniformly after the event.




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