💰$BEPU Official Distribution Announcement (2 Methods)

2 min readJan 31, 2024

Since the end of $BEPU Phase I and Phase II Exchange, Ethanim team has been hoping to distribute $BEPU to users who participated in the exchange as soon as possible. Due to the fact that a lot of users did not submit the Bitcoin wallet address and submitted incorrect Bitcoin wallet addresses, the distribution of $BEPU has been delayed until now. Now, Ethanim has decided to officially distribute $BEPUs to users who have submitted their Bitcoin wallet addresses. There are two distribution methods:

Method 1: Deindex Platform Claim $BEPU

Claim Time: Jan 31st 8:00 — Feb 5th 16:00 (UTC)

Claim Process:

(1) Open the $BEPU claim page


(2) Log in with UniSat Wallet and claim $BEPU directly.

(3) When the order status displays “Succeeded”, it means the claim is successful.

Claim Instructions:

(1) All non-UniSat Wallet address users can’t participate in $BEPU claim. Ethanim will distribute $BEPU to the Bitcoin wallet addresses of non-UniSat Wallet users through method 2.

(2) Users need to pay Gas fee to claim $BEPU, and all Bitcoin wallet addresses must have Bitcoin; otherwise, you can’t claim it successfully.

(3) After clicking to claim, due to the Bitcoin network, it takes about 30 to 60 minutes for $BEPU to arrive at the wallet address.

(4) If you encounter problems during the collection process, you can contact Telegram admin @NonfungibleTobi

Gas Fee Airdrop Compensation:

Within 3 working days after February 4th, Ethanim will airdrop 8 USDT to the BSC wallet addresses of all Claim $BEPU users as gas fee compensation.

Deindex Platform Rewards:

(1) For every 10 users, 1 will be drawn and awarded Deindex platform OG Pass Card.

(2) The OG Pass Card is worth 150 USDT, and the holder can obtain multiple benefits.

Method 2: $BEPU Airdrop

Airdrop Time: Feb 5th 7:00 — Feb 8th 7:00 (UTC)

Airdrop Instructions:

(1) For all users who have not claimed it through the Deindex platform, Ethanim will directly airdrop the exchanged $BEPU to the user’s Bitcoin wallet address;

(2) Due to the Bitcoin network, there may be a delay in $BEPU airdropping to the Bitcoin wallet address, please wait patiently.




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