🔥$BEPU (Ordinals) Phase II Exchange

2 min readJan 16, 2024

$BEPU is the first inscription token launched by the Trias ecosystem project and is the passport to the Ethanim Land inscription metaverse. In order to allow more non-Trias ecological users to join the Trias ecological community and enhance the power of $BEPU community consensus, Ethanim now launches: $BEPU Phase II Exchange, allowing more Bitcoin inscription communities and other inscription communities to experience the $BEPU inscription metaverse.

📌$BEPU Phase II Exchange Details

🗓️Exchange Time: January 17th

💰Exchange Currencies: BTCB/WBTC/TRIAS

🔁Exchange Rate: 1 Inscription = 0.003567 BTCB/0.003567 WTCB/12 TRIAS

🧮Exchange Amount: 400 Inscriptions(105,000 BEPU per inscription, 42,000,000 BEPU total)

(1) 300 Inscriptions: $TRIAS (BSC-20) or $BTCB (Bitcoin BEP2)

(2) 100 Inscriptions: $TRIAS (ERC-20) or $WBTC (Bitcoin ERC-20)

📊$BEPU Distribution And Airdrop

1. Ethanim will distribute the $BEPU of the Phase I and Phase II Exchange to the user’s Bitcoin wallet address. Users without the Bitcoin wallet address need to register a Bitcoin wallet address, register tutorial:

2. At present, Ethanim’s official website is developing the Bitcoin wallet address submission function (not yet online). After this feature is launched, users can log in to Ethanim’s official website and submit the Bitcoin wallet address. BEPU will be distributed to the Bitcoin wallet address submitted by the user inside.

3. At the end of the $BEPU Phase II Exchange, Ethanim will airdrop $BEPU to Bastet and Bastet Soul holders, the number of airdrops will be distributed according to Bastet’s level and rarity; and a detailed announcement of the $BEPU airdrop will be made in the future. In addition,Bastet participation in Stake will not affect the $BEPU airdrop.

4. Ethanim released the $BEPU Sharing Economy Model. All users participating in the $BEPU promotion will get $BEPU airdrop, $BEPU Sharing Economy Model:

5. In the $BEPU Sharing Economy Model, users who participate in $BEPU promotion, the same wallet address, can get up to 5 times airdrop rewards.

6. $BEPU Phase I Exchange is mainly for Trias eco-community users; $BEPU Phase II Exchange is mainly for non-Trias eco-community users.




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