🔥$BEPU Sharing Economy Model #Phase 2

3 min readMar 20, 2024

#Phase1 Campaign Reward Description

In the $BEPU Sharing Economy Model #Phase 1 Campaign,we collected information from more than 80,000 participants. After verification, 95% of them were cheating information and didn’t participate in the promotion of the sharing economy. We will not airdrop $BEPU to these users.

In the $BEPU Sharing Economy Model #Phase 1 campaign, users who actually participate in the promotion, please directly submit the link of the Phase 1 campaign promotion and the Bitcoin/BRC-20 wallet address to the Google form of the Phase 2 campaign(https://forms.gle/tWD31sx6Eyt8T6Tt7), We will distribute $BEPU to participants of both #Phase 1 and #Phase 2 campaigns.

Campaign Description

In order to build $BEPU into a star inscription and allow all $BEPU holders to obtain higher returns, Ethanim officially launched the first new Web3 sharing economy model in the entire network. Every time $BEPU is listed on an exchange (not limited to @okx, @BitMartExchange, @gate_io, @MEXC_Official, @bitgetglobal, and @binance), tens of millions of $BEPU will be airdropped to community contributors as rewards. Anyone can become a community contributor and receive $BEPU airdrop rewards by promoting $BEPU.

Participation Methods And Rewards

(1)Twitter account not verified

(2)Twitter account verified

Copy the specified tweet and post it (not retweet/reposted), either way:

【specified tweet 1】

🔥 $BEPU Sharing Economy Model #Phase 2

💰Tens of millions of #BEPU will be airdropped to #BEPU promoters

🚀 Copy this tweet (not retweet) and post it Tag 3 friends and get #BEPU rewards

✅Campaign details👇


#BEPU #Ethanim

【specified Post 2】

🔥 #$BEPU Sharing Economy Model #Phase 2

💰 Copy the specified tweet content (not retweet) and post it or write $BEPU original tweet and post it Tag 3 friends and get #BEPU rewards

🚀Come and join👇


#BEPU #Ethanim

Sharing Economy Model Rules

1. Copy the specified tweet content (not retweet) Tag 3 friends or write $BEPU original tweet Tag 3 friends and post it to twitter

2. Submit the published $BEPU tweet link and BTC/BRC20 wallet address to google form: https://forms.gle/tWD31sx6Eyt8T6Tt7

3. Follow Twitter https://twitter.com/Ethanim_Network

Join Telegram group https://t.me/Ethanim_Network

Join Discord https://discord.gg/Uzkat3zarz

Tip: Ethanim will release $BEPU airdrop whitelist campaigns on multiple Web3 campaign platforms, the winners can get $BEPU airdrops

Reward Description

$BEPU will be distributed uniformly after the campaigns.




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