📝Bitcoin Wallet Address Registration Tutorial

3 min readJan 11, 2024

All users who have completed $BEPU redemption need to submit their Bitcoin wallet address when distributing $BEPU.

If you do not have BTC wallet address, you can register BTC wallet address through UniSat wallet or OK Web3 wallet. The registration process is as follows:

UniSat Wallet Registration Process

1.Google browser access URL: https://unisat.io Click “Download from Chrome Store”

2. Click “Add to Chrome” to install the unisat extension.

3. Click the unisat extension, jump to the opened page and click “Create new wallet” to create a wallet

4. Enter the wallet password setting page, enter the password you want to set, and enter it again, the password must be the same twice

5. Click “Continue” to enter the mnemonic page and save the mnemonic. Click “Continue” to enter the page for selecting the address type, pay attention to select “Taproot”, which is an address starting with bc1p.

6.Click “Continue” to enter the wallet page, copy the wallet address, paste it into the personal center of Ethanim’s official website and submit.

OKWeb3 Wallet Registration Process



After the wallet registration is completed, the wallet address of the BTC token is the Bitcoin wallet address

Tip: Users must pay attention to safety when registering Bitcoin wallet address with other wallets.




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