📣Call for suggestions about Bastet NFT! 10 USDT special rewards for each selected user goes to Ethanim DAO phase Ⅱ

On September 9th last Friday, we are thrilled to announce the first utility of Bastet NFT that our holders can stake Bastet NFT to start mining. In the following stage, users can also claim the EPU (the token of Ethanim ecosystem) according their tEPU rewards. But our benefits go far beyond that! Keep an eye on our official twitter and medium, we would release more details in the next few days.

And this time, besides the benefits we set up, we want our users to endow the Bastet NFT with new life: It’s all up to you to decide what you can do with the Bastet NFT!

Thus Ethanim Network is officially launching the second phase of “Ethnaim DAO” campaign. Fill out the google form listed below and submit your ideas about Bastet NFT, please note that suggestions, questions and feedback are all welcomed! We will listen carefully to everyone’s opinions and select a few important ones to reward with USDT, project token, NFT kits and raffle chances, etc.

We really appreciate all the support and suggestions from our community, and our team are constantly hear from our users to release some updates. Come and throw some suggestions to the project and our team!

👇Fill out the form to submit your ideas:

⏰Campaign Time: September 14th — September 21th

📆Winners Announcement: September 22th

📆Reward Distribution: September 23th

💰Reward: 10 USDT for the selected winner. tEPU, Bastet NFT kits, and raffle chances will also go to active participants.



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