­čą│Celebrate Ethanim website 2.0 with Ethanim AR Airdrop & Giveaway­čÜÇ

On September 28, Ethanim NetworkÔÇÖs new official website was officially launched.(Take a look at: https://www.ethanim.network/) The new official website presents an outlook of AR applicaitons in the metaverse, saying that Ethanim Network will redefine people, space and applications through the underlying blockchain technology. As a comprehensive solution of metaverse from decentralized bottom layer to XR application performance layer, Ethanim Network will build a rich and prosperous, open and free, compatible and interoperable metaverse ecology, become the infrastructure and entrance of metaverse, and let Web3.0 and metaverse AR achieve further integration.

This is an important step forward we took. To celebrate the official launch of our new website, Ethanim network will release new series of campaign to give out some welfare and rewards to those who support us since the beginning. Complete the tasks listed below and take your 20 USDT & Bastet Kits rewards!

Campaign details

Time: September 29 4:00(UTC) ÔÇö October 10 18:00 (UTC)

Winners Announcement: October 11

Airdrop Time: October 12

Reward: 200 USDT Pool & 3000 Bastet NFT Kits & 10 lucky draw times for every participant

­čöąJoin Now­čĹç


Reward Details

(1)Bastet NFT Kits

Bastet NFT Kit Amount: 3000

Bastet NFT Kits Description: Randomly airdrop 1 Kit per wallet address

Note: The Core Kit and the Backdrop Kit are not included in this airdrop.

(2)10 lucky draw times for every participant!

(3)200 USDT Pool: 20 USDT 10

Method of Participating

­čö╣ Join our Telegram Group

­čö╣ Join our Telegram Channel

­čö╣ Follow our Twitter

­čö╣ Submit your BEP20 Wallet address

Reward Rules:

(1)Complete the Gleam mission and be selected Winner.

(2)Bastet NFT Kits will be airdropped directly to the BSC wallet address submitted by Winners, which can be viewed on the official website https://bastet.ethanim.network/.

(3)USDT will be directly airdropped to Winners and submitted to BSC wallet.

(4)The list of winners is based on the list of winning wallet addresses published on the official website of Ethanim Network.

About Bastet:

It is a Genesis NFT issued by Ethanim and have a limited edition of 10,000. Bastet holders will be the first batch of Ethanim metaverse guardians and will receive a series of Ethanim ecosystem privileges.



Eternalize the Application, Decentralize the Metaverse

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