Celebrate The New Years with New Years Bastet Banquet!

2 min readDec 28, 2022

It's that time again when we bid farewell to a year that’s coming to an end. It’s a time when we generally take a breather or two with family and friends and get a chance to look back at the past to reflect and wonder.

It's also the time when we start preparing for what’s to come. A bit of anticipation, or maybe a bit of excitement? Perhaps fear for some and patience for others. What’s common, though, is that there's always a dash of hope during this magical time.

No matter if you are going through a tough time and anticipating a big life change or just waking up to the same routine, we want to offer you something sweet to start the year with.

We are introducing a campaign to send the year off with a present wrapped up just for you.

For a limited time, you will have more chances each day to mint more kits in order to obtain a new Batet kit!

Here are the campaign details:

Campaign Duration: 0:00 UTC 28th December 2022 to 23:50 UTC 1st January 2023

Rewards: 20 lucky draws for each minted core.

Rules and guidelines:

  1. You can win 20 Lucky Draws for each core kit minted.
  2. You can mint cores in 2 ways: Either by answering a few questions correctly here in the “Get a core kit” section OR buying a core kit with Trias in the website.
  3. You can only get one free core kit by answering questions for one wallet.
  4. The 20 Lucky Draws for each core kit minted will be passed on to your account during the next daily reset that happens at 0:00 UTC. For example if you mint a core kit on December 28th you will get the 20 Free extra Lucky draws on the next daily reset at 0:00 UTC December 29th.
  5. If you mint multiple core kits in one day you will get 20 lucky draws for each core kit you minted at the next daily reset.

So head on over to our Bastet website to start the new year with a little something!

Always remember that we love to see your mints on our social media links below! Stay tuned for more updates!




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