Ethanim and Crema give away double free NFT packages

Ethanim and Crema finance are celebrating their partnership by releasing a free NFT whitelist campaign! Participants can win by completing the campaign tasks.

The NFT rewards received by the whitelist users in this campaign will have the same value and function as the Whitelist NFTs provided by Ethanim (10,000 Bastet NFTs) and the same value as the Chill Chill Turtles NFT and 10 million CRM collection by Crema Finance.

Campaign Details

Campaign Period: 6.24 6:00 UTC — 6.30 6:00 UTC

Number of Whitelist Slots:

Ethanim Bastet NFT 100 (for BSC wallet address)

Crema Chill Chill Turtles NFT 100 (for Solana wallet address)

How to participate: Complete the following tasks

🔥Check out the tasks👇


1.Ethanim Bastet NFT

(1)Whitelisted users receive Bastet NFT kits,and get 500tEPU airdrop.

(2) Whitelist users can get Token airdrop after minting the complete Bastet NFT for free from the kits.

2.Crema Chill Chill Turtles NFT

(1)All of the WLs are first class.

(2)All the WLs are eligible to free mint NFTs.

(3)There will be serial tokens airdrops to the NFT holders.

Ethanim Bastet NFT information

Bastet is a Genesis NFT issued by Ethanim. There are 10000 units of this new NFT which people can collect. There are 10 kits that constitute a whole NFT. These kits include: Backdrop, Core, Stigmatas, Attires, Charms, Scruffs, Piercings, Headpiece, Shades and Mouthons. Users can collect kits to customize the looks of their Bastet NFT and cast it to create a full NFT. These unique looking NFTs are ID card for Ethanim Validator Node Client.

Crema Chill Chill Turtles NFT information

The ‘Crema Chill Chill Turtles’ NFT collection designed by CremaFinance is composed of 10,000 lovely turtles in total. They are smart, brave and cool. They love coffee. They believe all bad things will be gone with a cup of coffee.​

This NFT collection is not only a set of uniquely-designed pfps, but also an NFT pass representing a series of future welfare and privileges on Crema, such as future airdrop by partnered projects, exclusive access to new products, digital identities to join special event and so on.

CRM Airdrop

There will be 10,000,000 CRM tokens in total to be airdropped to all Crema NFT holders later, which accounts for 1% of CRM’s total supply.

More about Ethanim:
Bastet NFT Website:



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