Ethanim Bastet NFT Origins

Dawn of the Greats

A long time ago before the first step taken by mankind on the fertile soil we call home, ancient powers beyond human comprehension use to roam the open air. What we would consider cosmic was one and in tune with not only this world but all the mirror worlds. Spanning across thousands of eons through thousands of parallel worlds there are multiple versions of each of these Godlike entities. Some lay dormant while some flew free. Each of the entities had their own copy in each pocket dimension. And although growth and expansion would likely be subject of their reigns that was not the case. Rather they went through endless cycles of life and death. Birth and Annihilation. Light and Shadows.

Ignoble Genesis

First there brews an ancient storm. A storm so dark, a storm so frigid and unruly that it left only destruction in its wake through even the mirroring universes to our world. Nothing survives and it seems as if the family of universes is boiling down to the nothingness it spawned from. Mirror dimensions swapping their realities as the fabric of time is tested to the core. There is no end in sight as the storm breaches even barriers of other worlds. Horizons warping with the sky and the ground falling into the abyss.

Divine Intervention

And as reality comes down to Guardians knees there shines a ray of light burning through the clouds. The cacophony of destruction halts in front of the bright burning desire of resilience. As if the light itself is healing anything it touches. The calm embraces the world after the storms. The mirror worlds phase back to their places and the collective efforts of all the versions across all dimensions put forth their strength to give birth to life again. Although the storm settled down there is nothing left to seek. As far as the eyes can see there is only absence of being. To the question of life there is only silence as the answer. It would be foolish to think that anything is recoverable.

Gaya’s Call

But saplings sprung anew, and the sun was yet again greeted by hymns of canaries. All because of the blessings bestowed by the Guardians, the light who prevented absolute chaos to take over. The Guardians of light bestow new life and thus this back-and-forth cycle continues. Death followed by birth. The old ways dying to give birth to the new and better. And the cycle continues. Colossal disasters followed by new life. The light shunning away the dark.

During such a cycle 5000 years ago, in one of the pocket dimensions during ancient Egypt, the people were visited by beings beyond human comprehension. It was the first-time humans ever saw the raw power of the dark. But the Guardians intervened to save humanity. Bastet abandoned the dormant form of a cat and rose to the occasion once again. The deity overpowered the otherworldly beings and chased them away to the border of the universe she was harboring. And being stunned by the raw strength and light of the Guardians we raised them as Gods. From then onwards the legend of Guardians like Bastet was passed down through generations. How they shone light at the darkest of times when humanity needed it the most.

Shrouded Cycle

Civilization springs into existence in different cities, multiple continents and even in parallel worlds. Unbeknownst to mankind, the light watches over them. Different cultures gave them different names. And different stories of the light washing away disease and the rot is passed down to generations. Some Guardians reveal themselves and some lay dormant for eons. One such name stuck through time in disguise of a mythical Bastet. This Guardian named Bastet was believed to be the protector of home and the giver of fertility. Keeping the evil spirits at bay it gave space for domestic life to thrive in the dimension that revealed the entity. Not all mirrors of Bastet from different Metaverses were needed. The other Guardians were on the same boat. As a result, we have a rich mythology and history of Godlike beings, but the faith was lost to time. Only in the recent times in this dimension did humans find and study the Guardians and found a peculiar theme among all the deities. They all were bearers of the light to shine upon the world and heal and protect it. And as everything was making sense the world now is traversing through another cycle. The old ways of the handful holding all the power, pulling all the strings and dictating the direction of civilization are bound to end soon. The end for such villainy is nigh.

Neo Revolution

The time has come again for the call of the Guardians as we enter the Metaverse. And as a tale as old as time, we must defend against the attacks on the metaverse and create a truly decentralized system to give power back to the people. We Ethanim is born with that sole purpose. A decentralized platform to host all the applications safe from malicious attacks and company takeovers. Whatever is made whatever is done is all for the community, all for the people. But to protect the metaverse we must fight against those who seek chaos and bow down to greed. We need the light. We are calling to the Guardian to bless us yet again. We need all the mirrors of the Guardians to wake up from their deep slumber and aid us in this journey. -

To establish a truly decentralized world for the future generations to come it must be protected from entities of bad faith. While also ensuring the world to be decentralized to uproot all the greedy parties that sucked the life out of us like parasites. And in order to protect our new abode Ethanim, we need the persona of light that thrives in such a situation. We of course need Bastet.

We are calling upon the Guardian of protection…

We are calling upon the Guardian of righteous fury against the enemies…

We are calling upon the Guardian to look over our new home…

We are calling upon Bastet…

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