🏆Ethanim Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist Winners Announcement

2 min readMay 15, 2023


  1. Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist winners are as follows

The rewards in the above form have been issued

2. The campaigns participated by the above Bastet Soul NFT Whitelist winners are as follows:

(1)🔥#Phase 1# Ethanim Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist Giveaway🎁


(2)#Phase 1# Ethanim Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist Giveaway

(3)Ethanim poll campaign

(4)Bastet Soul Value Introduction #Telegram AMA

(5)#Phase 1# Ethanim Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist Giveaway

(6)Ethanim Soul NFT 200 USDT+100 Whitelist Giveaway

3.Reward Rules

  1. Bastet Soul will be issued directly to the BSC wallet address submitted by the winners. Winners need to log in to the Ethanim website (https://bastet.ethanim.network/) to claim Bastet Soul.
  2. USDT will be directly airdropped to Winners and submitted to BSC wallet.




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