Ethanim Community BEPU Questions and Answers

2 min readApr 11, 2024

Q1: What are the developments of BEPU and EPU?

Regarding BEPU, Ethanim is currently mainly doing 4 things:

(1) BEPU Giveaway campaigns, attract more BTC ecosystem users to join the Ethanim community and increase the number of BEPU holders;

(2) BEPU Sharing Economy Phase 2 campaign, let more users promote BEPU and prepare for the listing of BEPU on CEX;

(3) Ethanim is negotiating cooperation with some BTC ecological projects, and BEPU holders will receive additional rewards;

(4) The Ethanim team has communicated with some CEXs about the listing of BEPU. After determining which CEX to list, Ethanim will officially issue announcement for the listing;

Regarding EPU, EPU is the Ethanim project Token and is the core of the ecological development of the Ethanim metaverse. After the EPU is listed on CEX, Ethanim will announce the overall plan of the EPU in detail. In addition, EPU related information will be continuously disclosed in subsequent AMA

Q2: Why hasn’t BEPU been listed on the exchange yet?

Regarding the listing of BEPU on exchanges, Ethanim has communicated with some CEXs and is determining which CEX will be listed first. Once confirmed, Ethanim will officially issue an announcement. In addition, Users can trade BEPU in OKWeb3 wallet or UniSat wallet.

The goal of the Ethanim team has never changed: build BEPU into a star inscription token.

Q3: What progress has BEPU made in development?

BEPU Land Metaverse is under continuous development, and Ethanim will make an announcement after the Land Metaverse 1.0 version is launched. Ethanim will make every effort to build BEPU into a Bitcoin inscription token with practical application scenarios.

Q4: Why doesn’t Ethanim create BEPU LP pool with the funds collected from the pre-sale?

BEPU is the Bitcoin inscription token. If Ethanim create BEPU LP pool, each transaction will require higher gas payment, and the cost of each user’s BEPU transaction will increase. Therefore, Ethanim didn’t create LP pool. After BEPU is listed on CEX, BEPU holders can trade freely with lower Gas.

Q5: Why is BEPU Roadmap so slow?

The first phase of BEPU Roadmap has been completed. In the second phase, BEPU distribution has been completed. Next, it will be listed on the exchange and airdrop BEPU to Bastet holders. BEPU holders hope that RoadMap will proceed quickly, and the Ethanim team understands it very well. Next, Ethanim will steadily promote RoadMap and realize every stage.




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