“Ethanim DAO” Phase I Winners Announcement and Good Proposal Showcase

3 min readAug 12, 2022


To integrate the community more into the development process of the Ethanim ecosystem, Ethanim Network has recently launched the first phase of the “Ethanim DAO” campaign. This allows community users to discuss and propose better suggestions to the Ethanim team and vote on those proposals and ideas. In this first phase of the campaign Ethanim received many good suggestions from the community. Some of them are being worked on to be adopted into the ecosystem.

The winners list of the first phase of “Ethanim DAO” is as follows:

Winners Reward:20USDT


(1) The reward has been issued;

(2) Ethanim Network will continue to hold “Ethanim DAO” activities, and community users are invited to actively participate and provide more valuable suggestions.

“Ethanim DAO” Proposals from the first phase are shown below:

“I just saw your whitepaper, it’s really very interesting and impressive, quite complete compared to a project that is almost similar to yours, namely “Metaverse”, but there are some shortcomings in my opinion, namely about the community, I think you should create a campaign or competition so that this project is more ogled. by many people isn’t the more crowded the better?? but make a campaign that makes the audience exciting and different from the usual campaign in my opinion a campaign about puzzles will be interesting considering that other projects only hold campaigns that are just that and are boring that’s why I suggest puzzles connected to the metaverse so first of all you create a metaverse then insert the puzzle element in it then the first one to complete the puzzle wins this activity can also avoid bots playing so I think this idea is pretty good”

“Showing the community how the technology works in live demonstrations via a platform like zoom then later uploaded to YouTube would be amazing.

Approach the development of ethanim with users in mind. Allow a select group of persons to beta test everything so they can find what works well.

Mobile first: people increasingly do things on mobile phones or tablets with mobile browsers. Consider this as you move forward.

Try to avoid competitions that encourage airdrop hunters and bots to join. It makes the project look less credible.”

“1.you have to promoted your project in a big channel telegram by country to atrack more community members. Because to atrract more investor u need a big community.

2. Make a new campaign like airdrop token

3. Your web is awesome, but i think u need a bright mode too”

“To help and motivate those community ambassadors from different countries, who are in charge of teaching, helping and sharing everything about TRIAS and ETHANIM.”

“In my opinion i should recommend you to collaborate and do some promotion with others project by partnering with them such as (eg bitkeep wallet oor gate.io) run an ama with the platforms oor campaign to promote your project.”

“After first campaign we had problems with minting page when after pressing claiming button I was unable to see my inventory but just minted NFT appeared.After Second campaign (phase II) you were late with results, they were already publiched on medium but nowhere else”




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