Ethanim AI Metaverse Ecosystem

4 min readApr 20, 2023

About Ethanim

Ethanim will be the infrastructure for the commercialization of metaverse, allowing the gamification of assets to interact seamlessly with the real world, using AI to complete scene co-creation throughout the process, and using AIGM creation system and Flock privacy computing to realize the growth training of autonomous AI models, so that users’ virtual alters can grow sustainably and have commercial capabilities.

Bastet will be the “economic engine” and “identity engine” of the whole commercialization, and users can participate in economic production by holding Bastet, and Bastet will be used as three important products in the AIGM creation system Credentials

About MetaChat

A chatbot based on a large language model, Ethanim will form an autonomous personality portrait for users through linguistic information based on Flock privacy computing.

About MetaArt

A text-to-picture tool that generates NFTs through text input or conversation extraction, and will exist in the future as a meta-universe worldview where different meta-universes are created and derived gradually from a single NFT that everyone likes.

About MetaMate

AI autonomous doppelganger formed by the combination of holding “Bastet” and “autonomous personality portrait”, which can be trained continuously through open use until it has the commercial capability, and can independently define gender, occupation and age when combined, which is also a necessary identity for the future commercial application scenario of the entire meta-universe.

About Bastet NFT


It has been mentioned that Bastet will be used as the “economic engine” and “identity engine” of the whole commercialization, holding Bastet to participate in the work and get tEPU, and Bastet is a combination material of AI autonomous bilocation, currently which has been introduced to the market in the form of the loot box.


Based on Flock privacy computing, it forms an autonomous personality portrait for users through linguistic information. Only users who hold Soul will have ownership of the autonomous personality portrait, which we will provide to the community after MetaChat is launched, and Soul will not have a rank.

About Card Slot

Card slots are indispensable spaces for you to pledge Bastet. Each user can get 2 free card slots, or you can pay with $TRIAS to activate the remaining 4 slots, i.e. each user can have up to 6 card slots.
More card slots mean you can pledge more than one Bastet, which can increase your fixed weight and get more mining revenue tEPU.

Bastet Working Reward- tEPU (Pledge reward)

By participating in Bastet pledge mining, you can deposit your Bastet into the platform’s pledge pool, which will be locked by the platform’s smart contract.

The platform will calculate the corresponding pledge reward tEPU based on the weight, pledge time and some other dimensional factors, and will exchange a certain percentage of $EPU in the future according to the project development and community situation.

The use of prior points tEPU reduces the impact of business optimization and adjustment of economic behaviour in the long-term development of the project, thus realizing the return of the ecological value of the project and the closed-loop circulation of the token economic model.

$EPU application scenarios

Activity rewards: With $EPU, you will receive occasional rewards for operational activities and airdrops issued by Ethanim and partners
Community incentive: $EPU can be used to reward community members, such as providing rewards for contributing code, providing support and other behaviours
DAO governance: Ethanim strongly believes in the shared co-construction concept of decentralized governance, and $EPU will be used as the only governance credential
NFT transactions: discounts will be offered for Bastet transactions using $EPU
Payments: Any purchase of services and goods in Ethanim can be made with $EPU
Repurchase and destruction: We will take out a certain percentage of the revenue generated from community voting, advertising space bidding, platform activities, etc. for $EPU repurchase in the secondary market, and the repurchased $EPU will be directly credited to the burning address for destruction, implementing real repurchase and extreme deflation

Early User Benefits

① For users who hold Bastet or Bastet kits, we will provide 1-time Bastet-soul free mint in the future
② The Bastet kits held by old users can be exchanged for free temporary weights later to improve the mining revenue
③ After the initial whitelist users get Bastet, we will airdrop a corresponding level of Bastet NFT

The future development of Ethanim starts from Bastet, and the exploration of the new entertainment and lifestyle of human beings starts from AIGM.




Ethanim is the infrastructure for commercializing #AR for the #Metaverse. Build #AIMetaverse through #AIGM ecological products and #NFT.