Ethanim Network Bastet NFT giveaway whitelist 500tEPU airdrop announcement

As per the past campaign announcements, Ethanim Network has airdropped 500tEPU for all the wallet addresses that claimed a Bastet Kit on the website. And with that the phase 1 of the campaign is done. Phase 2 of the campaign for the whitelist slots will be announced soon!

500tEPU Details

tEPU Airdrop Time: 7.18

tEPU Airdrop Requirements: Whitelisted users can receive tEPU airdrops only after they claim Kit

Kit Claim Time: 7.12–7.15(You will not be able to claim after the claiming time period)

tEPU:tEPU is the replacement token for Ethanim governance token EPU in the mining test phase of the verification node. Pledging tEPU is required to run Ethanim verification nodes.

In addition to this Ethanim Network will continue to launch frequent Guardians of the Metaverse campaigns to win rewards! We hope that the users will participate and win something special!



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