Ethanim Network Phase I of “Ethanim DAO” : Community Participation and Rewards

In order to facilitate the development of the Ethanim Network Project and increase the communal participation from the community members, we are officially launching the “Ethanim DAO” program. The aim is to collect good suggestions, feedback and questions from the community.

From all the collected queries and feedback, we will select a few important ones to address through articles/publications/AMA. The selected users will become a member of the Ethanim DAO. Those members will be rewarded with USDT, project token, NFT and Ethanim-pass etc. The list of winners will be announced by Ethanim Network.

Ethanim Network is officially launching the first phase of the “Ethanim DAO” campaign. The community will be able to participate in this event by submitting their suggestions, questions and feedback in the form linked below. The winners will win 20 USDT in the first phase.

In addition, Ethanim Network will award the project Token (EPU) to “Ethanim DAO” members at a later stage.

Participate in the campaign by filling up this form!

Campaign Time: July 26 (UTC) — August 8th (UTC)

Winners Announcement: August 10th

Reward Distribution: August 10th

Answer Time: August 12th

Reward: 20 USDT

More about Ethanim:
Bastet NFT Website:



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