Ethanim Network Project Weekly (5.22~5.28)

2 min readMay 29


Community Updates

1.Winners of #Phase 2#Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist have been announced and rewards have been sent.

2. Rewards for #Bitcoin #PizaDay🍕 Bastet NFTs Giveaway Winners have been sent.

3. Ethanim released #Phase 3#Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist Giveaway campaigns

4. Rewards for MetaChat Ambassador Giveaway campaign have been sent.

5. New feature has come online — — invite your friends to buy Loot Box to get tEPU rewards.

6.Ethanim released’Invite friends to the community to get Bastet Soul campaign’

Technology Updates

1.The problem that users encountered multiple requests for signatures when switching wallet addresses has been resolved.




Ethanim is the infrastructure for commercializing #AR for the #Metaverse. Build #AIMetaverse through #AIGM ecological products and #NFT.