Leave your ideas to take­čĺ░20 USDT­čĺ░away! Ethanim invites you to brainstorm about AR applications­čžá

2 min readSep 29, 2022

On September 28, Ethanim NetworkÔÇÖs new official website was officially launched.(Take a look at: https://www.ethanim.network/)

The new official website presents an outlook of AR applications in the metaverse, saying that Ethanim Network will redefine people, space and applications through the underlying blockchain technology. As a comprehensive solution of metaverse from decentralized bottom layer to XR application performance layer, Ethanim Network will build a rich and prosperous, open and free, compatible and interoperable metaverse ecology, become the infrastructure and entrance of metaverse, and let Web3.0 and metaverse AR achieve further integration.

Thus Ethanim Network is officially launching the third phase of ÔÇťEthnaim DAOÔÇŁ campaign in the theme of ÔÇťImagine the AR world of EthanimÔÇŁ. The community is encouraged to talk about your imagination of AR apps or your expectation of how Ethanim can reach there. All discussions about AR apps are welcomed and just fill out the google form listed below! Good responses will be rewarded with 20 USDT and raffle chances.

We really appreciate all the support and suggestions from our community, and our team are constantly hear from our users to release some updates. Stay tuned and follow our footsteps!

­čĹçFill out the form to submit your ideas­čĹç


Campaign Time: September 29th ÔÇö October 9th

Winners Announcement: October 10th

Reward Distribution: October 10th

Reward: 20 USDT for the selected winner




Ethanim is the infrastructure for commercializing #AR for the #Metaverse. Build #AIMetaverse through #AIGM ecological products and #NFT.