Metaverse View】Ethanim CEO Takaaki Ansai: Metaverse Applications are Needed More Than the Concept of Speculation

Recently, Ethanim metaverse infrastructure launch officially came to an end in Tokyo, Japan, where several speakers shared their views on metaverse. Takaaki Ansai, CEO of Ethanim, detailed Ethanim’s vision, business logic and development plan on stage, and was interviewed by the media after the launch.

In the interview, Ethanim CEO Takaaki Ansai believes that “metaverse should not just stay on the surface or be a concept of speculation, but should be implemented by practical applications. Only applications can build a real metaverse ecology.”

Although 2021 is the first year for the metaverse industry, the speed of its development and the popularity of its concept far exceeds the rise of the Internet. It is even regarded as the next 20-year innovation wave after the mobile Internet. However, the scenario applications have not been realized in scaled because of the technical difficulty. Many metaverse concept stocks plummeted, which cools down the metaverse.

When talking about the current situation of the industry, Ethanim CEO Takaaki Ansai said, “At present, the metaverse industry is still in the early stage, and more companies are needed to solve the industry problems through technology, to land and to develop the market space of the whole industry. Our team founded Ethanim to solve the decentralization problem of the metaverse. Only after the decentralization, the development of the metaverse industry can enter the 2.0 era.”

It is understood that Ethanim has created a new blockchain architecture based on traditional blockchain technology to solve the decentralization problem. It combines Trias layer -1 trusted computing and virtual resource pooling technology, which can not only solve the problem of block network nodes being difficult to reach quickly, but also support unlimited horizontal expansion of the system. It allows the metaverse applications such as games, VR/AR, and social to have the smooth experience of centralized applications while being decentralized.

As the infrastructure platform of the metaverse, Ethanim Network supports the development and deployment of any large decentralized application on the chain. The state snapshots of applications in the Ethanim ecology are stored eternally and can always provide services for users. Even if the application is tampered with or shut down, users can restore the application to any previous version based on the state snapshots stored on the chain. At the same time, the user’s behavior information, digital assets and virtual identity will exist eternally in the ecology, which fundamentally achieves the eternal life of the application.

In addition to security concerns, from the perspective of user experience, users can freely handle the acquired game equipment, digital artwork and virtual identity in the metaverse application on Ethanim. They can also enjoy financial services such as staking, insurance and securitization of digital assets; Besides, Ethanim supports parallel interoperable multi-version applications. Users can freely create new versions, and switch and interoperate in different versions. NFT assets can also be presented in different versions. It allows users to experience the metaverse world “from free imagination to real experience”.

Ethanim not only supports the complete decentralization of applications within its own ecology, but also supports the integration with other public chain ecologies, such as Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, Near protocol, etc. It helps the applications within its ecology to achieve complete decentralization. This ecological integration will greatly promote the metaverse in a new wave of development.

From the metaverse industry investment situation, well-known funds in the blockchain field (such as a16z Crypto, PanteraCapital, AlamedaResearch (SBF), Multicoin Capital, Figment Networks, R8 Block Capital, etc.) have long invested in metaverse projects. New funds have recently emerged to invest in the metaverse, such as venture capital institution Chiron, which raised $50 million as metaverse eco-fund. The $200 billion Korea Investment Corp (KIC) will invest in the metaverse industry. European venture capital institution Hiro Capital announced the launch of its €300 million for HIRO CAPITAL II fund, which will focus on investing in games and metaverse.

“The metaverse industry has great potential for development, and the play-to-earn model of chain games will be favored by more and more users. Next, Ethanim will do its best to cooperate with game publishers while making a good metaverse infrastructure platform, and work together to create a real digital world that integrates entertainment, social, learning, production and life.” Ethanim CEO Takaaki Ansai said.

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Eternalize the Application, Decentralize the Metaverse

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