📜Non-UniSat Wallet Users Claim BEPU Tutorial

2 min readJan 31, 2024

Currently, the Deindex platform only supports UniSat wallet login. Non-UniSat wallet users need to import the mnemonic phrase into the UniSat wallet and then log in to the Deindex platform to claim BEPU. UniSat wallet currently supports the import of mnemonic phrases from Xverse Wallet, Ordinals Wallet and Sparrow Wallet.

The process is as follows:

1. Google browser access URL: https://unisat.io Click “Download from Chrome Store” and install the unisat extension.

2. Click the unisat extension, jump to the opened page and click “I already have a wallet”.

3. Create a password and continue.

4. Choose a wallet from Xverse Wallet, Ordinals Wallet or Sparrow Wallet.

5.Import mnemonics.

6. If the mnemonic phrase is successfully imported, you can log in to the Deindex website to receive BEPU. If the import is unsuccessful, please import again, or wait for the BEPU airdrop.




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