Thanks to our community! Ethanim DAO Ⅱ Winners Announcement

3 min readSep 21, 2022

To integrate our community into the growing process of Ethanim ecosystem, we launched Ethanim DAO Ⅱ campaign to collect ideas about Bastet NFT. We encourage our community to keep close attention to our footing and give suggestions to our ecological projects. Many great suggestions are under development and will be adopted in the future.

Ethanim DAO Ⅱ Winners list is as follows:

Winners Reward: 10 USDT + number of lucky draws

Some proposals from “Ethanim DAO Ⅱ” are shown below:

Of course with BASTET NFT which can only mine $EPU tokens. it really makes the nft value is very high. I hope that in the future the owner of the NFT Bastet will have a role in the discord or a badge for the owner because it is an honor.

For future development i would like you to prefer. More campaigns in twitter and discord for building community for eg flash giveaway, First Come first serve (FcFs) airdrops and also AMA with good host in discord like bitkeep wallet and in twitter space @axiequeen they are help you to grow the project much more.

Easier to open the backdrop. There are more events to earn more kit as spins. Issuing limited NFTs attract more experience and effort in connecting. Expansion of rare parts.

1. With a full BASTED NFT, users will be able to randomly receive ships or ship parts from TRIATHON every month.
2. Having a full Basted NFT, users will be able to buy TRIAS eco-project tokens (Trias, Triathon, Ethanim, Tusima) at a discount (several days per month).

As you already mentioned, mining is one of the things Im looking out for. Using the Bastet to validate the network is why I started this NFT adventure here. Normally I wouldnt touch NFT’s because current projects make NFT’s with no usecase. In TRIAS you actually understand what an NFT is capable of.

Another nice option would be to have something to say about coming updates / changes to Ethanim. DAO wise voting system where people with Bastets can vote for platform features.

DAO governance rights (or extra weight), airdrops, staking rewards with or without hardware, mining, lending of NFTs for others to use for mining, combining of multiple NFTs in a single wallet to strengthen mining/staking rewards.

More videos and infographics to detail how ethanim functions. Real life examples displaying the work of ethanim with other projects. Explanations from partner groups for why the selected ethanim as a partner. Voice and Video based AMAs.

The best thing is STRONG CONSISTENT DELIVERY! Keep it up!




Ethanim is the infrastructure for commercializing #AR for the #Metaverse. Build #AIMetaverse through #AIGM ecological products and #NFT.