Update regarding the tEPU airdrop on the 18th of July: How it will work and how to claim

Ethanim Network is about to launch the second phase of the Bastet NFT campaign. This is just the beginning of the series of events that will ultimately lead to the launch of the Metaverse.

This is exciting for the team and the users alike.

Moving forward we would like to keep updating about the campaigns as we go and this is another update. This update is about the tEPU airdrop on the 18th of July.

Here is the entire process of how it will happen.

The users who won in the campaigns held in phase one (8th June to 11th July) just claimed their Bastet kit. Along with this kit they also won 500 tEPU.

This 500tEPU will be shown in the Bastet website (Link here) right beside the kits users won.

These funds won’t be transferrable to the wallet just yet. You will only be able to confirm the total amount of tEPU you have won in this website through logging in with your wallet.

When the Ethanim Network Client launches very soon, the tEPU you won will be linearly released into the client where you can log in with your wallet and transfer the tEPU funds if you want.

tEPU tokens are just the intermediary/temporary tokens for the platform until the EPU token release.

These tEPU tokens will be convertible to EPU tokens later with the launch of EPU tokens.

More about Ethanim:
Bastet NFT Website:https://bastet.ethanim.network



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