Attention! Metaverse Guardian Welfare Giveaway Phase Ⅷ is coming up🤩

The series of events of Bastet NFT Giveaway ( “Learn” to Get Core Kits, Snapshot Token Position, Play Lottery to get Kits) are happening over in Ethanim community. In order to invite more users to participate in the minting process of Bastet NFT, Ethanim Network is continually launching Metaverse Guardian Welfare Giveaway Phase Ⅷ.

Anyone who enters Ethanim official Telegram or invites friends to join the Telegram group will have a chance to win Bastet NFT Kit, tEPU and USDT airdrop. The details of the campaign are as follows:

Compaign details

Starting Time: October 9 12:00(UTC) — October 23 12:00 (UTC)

Winners Announcement: October 24

Airdrop Time: October 25

Reward: 3000 Bastet NFT Kits & 10 lucky draw times for every participant

Reward Details

(1)Bastet NFT Kits

Bastet NFT Kit Amount: 3000

Bastet NFT Kits Description: Randomly airdrop 1 Kit per wallet address

Note: The Core Kit and the Backdrop Kit are not included in this airdrop.

(2)10 lucky draw times for every participant!

Method of Participating:

Method of Participating
🔹 Join our Telegram Group
🔹 Join our Telegram Channel
🔹 Follow our Twitter
🔹 Submit your BEP20 Wallet address

Reward Rules:

(1)Complete the Gleam mission and be selected Winner.

(2)Bastet NFT Kits and tEPU will be airdropped directly to the BSC wallet address submitted by Winners, which can be viewed on the official website

(3)USDT will be directly airdropped to Winners and submitted to BSC wallet.

(4)The list of winners is based on the list of winning wallet addresses published on the official website of Ethanim Network.

Bastet NFT:

It is a Genesis NFT issued by Ethanim and limited to 10,000 units. Those holding Bastet will be the first batch of Ethanim metaverse guardians and will receive a series of ecosystem privileges.



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